A series of firsts

1st compression cycle in non-deliverable KRW swaps in LCH
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1st compression provider to compress cleared inflation swaps
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1st compression provider to offer an API connectivity service to clients
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1st triBalance SIMM commodity optimization 
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A series of records

CLS FX compression record

Counterparties using the triReduce CLS FX forward compression service eliminated $9.1 trillion of gross notional value from their FX forward portfolios in 2019.  A new record for the service, this equates to an annual increase of 71%. In Q4 alone, the service compressed $4.9 trillion of gross notional value, 153% above the previous quarterly high achieved in Q3 2018. ​​​​​​​Read more

Euro Cycle at Eurex

We reduced gross notional outstanding at eurex clearing by 26%, more than double the previous Eurex euro record #eurocompression

South African Rand

The final cycle of 2019 hit a record with ZAR 8.6 trillion gross notional compressed, nearly ZAR 2 trillion more than the previous record in September #28currencies

Singapore Dollar

The December Singapore Dollar (SGD) compression cycle resulted in a record 1.2 trillion notional compressed – 40% of the notional outstanding in LCH #28currencies

Hungarian Forint

The largest ever Hungarian forint cycle was completed in November compressing HUF 58 trillion gross notional – over 29% of the dealer HUF IRS notional in LCH #28currencies


A series of innovations

Low Touch Compression

Low Touch Compression is the next evolution in the compression process delivering improved usability, user transparency and full automation together with API technology. Customers now have a highly efficient compression process that can be run daily with all instruments supported by the CCP combined in a single run, enabling further process consolidation and allowing banks to optimize the resource levels required to support the processes.

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Basis Swaps

Basis swaps can now be combined with IRS, meaning fewer cycles and more efficiency. 

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Non-Deliverable Swap Compression

First vendor to compress cleared non-deliverable swaps.

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Cleared Inflation

In order to manage capital pressures, clients can 'co-mingle' cleared inflation swaps with vanilla swaps by leveraging the triReduce low touch compression service. We are live with GBP and USD cleared inflation swaps compression in LCH SwapClear.

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A series of awards

Regulations Asia - Outstanding Project of the Year for Benchmark Conversion, triReduce

FOW Awards - Best New Product: Post Trade for Benchmark Conversion

FTF News Technology Innovation awards - Best New Post-Trade Solution for triReduce CLS FX compression 

Global Capital Americas - Compression Service of the Year for triReduce
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A whole new series in 2020

Benchmark Conversion

Moving legacy LIBOR swap risk to new alternative benchmarks

In 2017 Andrew Bailey (UK FCA) announced that banks will no longer be required to contribute to LIBOR fixings beyond the end of 2021, although LIBOR and alternative rates are expected to coexist for some time. TriOptima’s new benchmark functionality will assist the swaps market in making the orderly conversion to the new reference rates. 

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