Largest triReduce CLS FX cycle complete

13 November 2019
9:33 AM


TriOptima completed the largest-ever compression of FX forwards. Bilateral net reductions increased by 135%, 40% more gross notional compressed than before, a testament to all of the firms who participated.

Our next triReduce CLS FX cycles run on November 26 and December 17, and are available for sign up now

Six steps to maximize your compression results

  1. Participate every month – leverage the multilateral network
  2. Send all trades – Flow, PB, all currencies, maturities, legal entities, sales trades 
  3. Include all counterparties – please ensure your trade extract includes all firms
  4. Group trading books into one risk unit – we make this easy with internal rebalancing trades
  5. Use tolerances – granular bucketing and tighter tolerances impact results
  6. Adopt risk-constrained methodology – average 55% improvement over risk neutral

We offer multiple compression choices in a single cycle:

  • Gross notional/reduction of line items – reduces capital, credit risk and operational risk/costs
  • Reduction of net positions –  new offsetting trades flatten existing positions by end date, currency and counterparty, improving leverage ratio


Find out more about triReduce FX compression