Major French firms adopt triResolve Reporting Validation

29 January 2018
9 AM


The trade reporting obligations of EMIR RTS2 are complex and pressure is mounting on firms to ensure their data is validated and accurate. To overcome the challenges, many French firms have turned to triResolve to help them achieve transparency and ensure their reported data is accurate.

Clients include Banque Palatine, Natixis, Exane Derivatives, Airbus Group and Banque Federative du Credit Mutuel. 

Our web-based solution provides benefit via:

Facilitating regulatory compliance
We align your data with in-house and counterparty records, ensuring data accuracy 

triResolve Reporting Validation delivers you full transparency and control over the quality of your reported data. As the complexity of reporting increases, there is an even greater need to reconcile your data with your counterparties. With triResolve, you can work bilaterally with your French counterparties to resolve inconsistencies and validate and align your data. With advanced tracking and audit history functionality, our clients easily demonstrate that they are proactive, diligent and compliant to the regulator.

Advanced algorithmic matching
We can match and validate all trade data without the need for a common UTI

Our service uses a sophisticated algorithm which allows you to overcome matching issues and reconcile both sides of a trade, even if the UTIs are different. This enables faster identification and resolution of UTI differences, which still cause 50% of the breaks in the industry. Clients can see the UTI assigned to them by their counterparty and view it against their own internal trade ID; resulting in timely and accurate communication of UTIs between counterparties.

Automatic detection of data issues
Our case management workflow allows errors to be tracked and easily resolved

Powerful difference attribution analytics allow you to see where you have your biggest differences. We also categorise these differences by type, allowing you to prioritise investigation work. Once the issues are prioritised, you can utilise our case management functionality to structure investigations in a standardised way. All work is tracked and presented on a modern dashboard which gives a complete overview of key elements including the number of issues, investigation status, root causes, time outstanding and who is working on it.

Powerful communication
Allowing you to work collaboratively with your counterparties directly on the platform

triResolve uniquely sits in the middle of the trade repositories, so you can see your counterparty’s data even if they are using another repository. This allows seamless reconciliation of all data in one place. We offer powerful tools which enable communication directly via the platform. Thanks to a strong community network, you can come up with solutions by working collaboratively with your counterparties. Collaboration means you can establish best practice, develop common approaches and solidify understanding.

But don’t just take our word for it…

triResolve reporting validation is widely adopted by the French market and has over 100 clients globally.

We have extensive knowledge of French trade reporting obligations and look forward to sharing our expertise and assisting you with getting started.