triResolve 2019 Insights

10 January 2019
6 AM

Clancey Mace

As we commence 2019, we would like to thank you for your support throughout the previous year and provide insight into what the future holds for our portfolio reconciliation, collateral management and initial margin services.

2018 | A year of milestones

2018 was a year of milestones for triResolve and first and foremost, we were pleased to launch our seamless initial margin (IM) solution which has been adopted by phase one, two and three in-scope firms to calculate their inputs, manage their margin calls and resolve their disputes.
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150+ clients are benefiting from triResolve Margin as we continue to lead the collateral management market through our unique ability to automate the process by utilizing the underlying portfolio reconciliation data.
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We extended our coverage of triResolve Margin to include support for cleared trades and TBAs
Discover how we enhanced our multiproduct coverage

We also celebrated another multi-award winning year as we were voted the best overall buy-side technology provider, best overall collateral management solution, best buy-side collateral management solution and best sell-side reconciliation solution. 
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Our portfolio reconciliation service has now performed 25,000,000+ reconciliations since inception and reconciles over 85% of the world’s uncleared OTC derivatives across 2,200+ groups. This year we enhanced the service by releasing the new triResolve reconciliation manager which optimizes the way exceptions are managed.
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Finally, we were thrilled to become part of the CME Group, creating a global markets company across futures, cash and OTC and delivering more value and greater efficiency to our clients.

2019 | A year of opportunity

We are confident that 2019 will bring a new array of milestones and we look forward to working with you to help you manage your risk, optimize your processes and achieve regulatory compliance. 

We will be focused on supporting phase four and five firms in their preparations for regulatory initial margin, as thousands of firms are expected to come in-scope in September 2019/20. Our seamless solution and extensive knowledge from aiding live firms means we are best placed to help you overcome the challenges.
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It's important to get started now, and triResolve can help by establishing if you're in-scope, identifying in-scope counterparties and helping you understand how the rules may impact you. 

We will be hosting industry events to help equip you with the latest regulatory news and share insights into how your reconciliation and collateral management processes can be optimized. Upcoming events include initial margin sessions in Madrid, Milan, Lisbon and Chicago.
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We are also pleased to formally announce that triResolve Margin's collateral inventory functionality is now available and includes real time API connectivity, asset ranking and real time market data feeds to increase automation and data quality.
More details coming soon!

Finally, we will continue to help firms increase the operational efficiency of their margin workflow through automation; from call delivery to call acceptance, outgoing pledge of collateral to eligibility checks and acceptance on incoming collateral. This enables you to adopt an exception-based approach, switching the focus from manual processing to dispute resolution and analysis. 
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Once again thank you for your support and we wish you a happy and prosperous 2019.

The Team at triResolve