triReduce Rates

Reducing your costs and capital in a competitive market.



Recognised as the innovator and leader in multilateral portfolio compression, triReduce Rates simplifies portfolios by reducing notional exposures and line items for cleared and non-cleared OTC derivative trades.

With Trade Revision, triReduce Rates delivers a significant increase in compression efficiency by amending multiple trade characteristics in a CCP simultaneously.

The benefits of compression are reduced capital costs, reduced operational risks and costs and proactive management of counterparty credit exposures.

triReduce collaborates with 6 CCPs: LCH SwapClear, CME, JSCC, NASDAQ, Eurex and ASX to offer their members the award-winning triReduce Rates service. We offer compression in 28 currencies, multiple products and both deliverable and non-deliverable currencies.

The best compression efficiency is achieved by a combination of a deep liquidity pool and leading-edge methodology. triReduce grows the compression pool by supporting clearing members, Future Commission Merchants (FCMs), Clearing Brokers (CBs) and clients to all compress in the same cycle.

Low Touch Compression

The compression engine of the future

As operational and capital costs grow, financial institutions are looking for a compression service to ease the strain and handle complex data accurately. Our sophisticated Low Touch Compression (LTC) solution is built to maximise capital efficiencies and minimise costly errors.

The simplified process and lightweight data requirements make LTC easy to use without sacrificing robustness. 

reduce costs and capital in a competitive market

Product scope

Interest Rate Swaps
Overnight Index Swaps (OIS)
Forward Rate Agreements (FRA)
Amortizing Interest Rate Swaps
Compounding Interest Rate Swaps
Cross Currency Swaps
Inflation Swaps
Basis Swaps

Over 260 subscribers

Our triReduce Rates service is available to financial institutions such as global and regional financial institutions, investment managers, hedge funds, asset managers, and pension fund managers.

28 global currencies 

New capital rules affecting non-cleared as well as cleared swaps create a strong incentive to terminate trades in any currency where trading exists. We are pleased to now offers cycles in 28 currencies.


AUD Australian Dollar INR Indian Rupee
BRL Brazilian Real JPY Japanese Yen
CAD Canadian Dollar KRW (South) Korean Won
CHF Swiss Franc MXN Mexican Peso
CLP Chilean Peso MYR Malaysian Ringit
CNY Chinese Yuan NOK Norwegian Krone
COP Colombian Peso NZD New Zealand Dollar
CZK Czech Koruna PLN Polish Zloty
DKK  Danish Krone  SEK Swedish Krona
EUR Euro SGD Singapore Dollar
GBP British Pound Sterling THB Thai Baht
HKD Hong Kong Dollar  TWD Taiwan Dollar
HUF Hungarian Forint  USD US Dollar
ILS  Israeli Shekel ZAR South African Rand


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Benchmark Conversion

Moving legacy LIBOR swap risk to new alternative benchmarks

In 2017 Andrew Bailey (UK FCA) announced that banks will no longer be required to contribute to LIBOR fixings beyond the end of 2021, although LIBOR and alternative rates are expected to coexist for some time. TriOptima’s new benchmark functionality will assist the swaps market in making the orderly conversion to the new reference rates.