triResolve Margin

Web-based collateral management from the market leader.


Reinventing the collateral management process

Having portfolio reconciliation and our margin calculation in the same place just makes sense. triResolve Margin has provided us with the automation we needed to be able to focus more on our risk, rather than the process

Collateral Manager, Bank of Ireland

triResolve Margin is an innovative collateral management solution which enables our clients to increase operational efficiency, save costs and adhere to regulation.

Utilising triResolve’s portfolio reconciliation data, triResolve Margin is unique in its ability to automate the collateral management process. You simply set the rules and tolerances, triResolve Margin presents the exceptions. Where you have disputes, triResolve Margin shows you where in your portfolio you have meaningful differences and advanced analytics determine what is driving them.

It’s this unique combination that enables us to be the market leader.


Cost effective

Pay as you go, no hidden fees and considerably cheaper than installed solutions.

Rapid onboarding

Be live within a day, the web-based service requires no installation and you receive support from our expert team at no additional cost.

Operational efficiencies

Our exception based STP process allows you to focus your resources on risk and compliance.

Integrated dispute resolution

Cutting-edge reconciliation analytics pinpoint where in your portfolio you have disputes and identifies what is driving them.

Out-of-the-box connectivity

Access to MarginSphere included with no additional contract.

Facilitates regulatory compliance

Focusing on exceptions through automation enables you to meet your regulatory obligations with ease.



Multiproduct coverage

Multi asset class and product support including Bilateral, Cleared, Repo and TBA.





Global Bank

Global dealer bank uses triResolve Margin to overcome regulatory demands.

Asset Manager

Major asset manager adopts triResolve Margin to streamline their collateral process.

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