triResolve Portfolio Reconciliation

Where the market validates and aligns its exposures.



Proactive portfolio reconciliation enables you to validate and align your positions and exposure to reduce counterparty credit risk.

triResolve’s unrivalled network means we see over 90% of all bilateral OTC derivatives across 2,500 groups, which means all your counterparties are in one place. The centralised service model and global network enables you and your counterparties to share the same view and work together to resolve any differences. 

triResolve  also allows you to reconcile and validate your positions reported in the trade repositories against your internal system.  All reporting regimes for derivatives and security finance transactions are covered, whether you self or delegated reported.

The service has been extended to include cashflow affirmation to aid the derivatives settlement process. Simply submit your upcoming trade level cashflows across all counterparties, and by leveraging triResolve trade matching, you can achieve greater alignment and identify any differences which will cause settlement breaks.  


A simple, secure process

1.  Send your data in any format
2.  We normalise the data and reconcile all fields using our algorithmic match engine
3.  You and your counterparty work together on the same set of results
4.  Advanced analytics and our comprehensive break workflow allows you to identify, track,  investigate, and resolve discrepancies

Asset Class Coverage

We support all asset classes and products, for both bilateral and cleared OTC derivatives, security finance transactions (SFTs), collateral holdings, prime brokerage (PB) and ETDs reconciliation. We also support cashflow reconciliations for these underlying asset classes.


Cost effective

Pay as you go with no hidden fees via our transparent pricing model.

Rapid onboarding

Be live within a day, the web-based platform requires no installation and you receive support from our expert team at no additional cost.

All file types

We normalise data in any submitted format.

All asset classes and products

Support for bilateral and cleared OTC derivatives, repo, collateral holdings and ETDs reconciliation.

Advanced analytics and reporting

We show you where you have a dispute and what is driving that dispute, enabling you to intelligently prioritise the investigation of your differences.

Facilitates regulatory compliance

Our robust and auditable service gives you all the tools you need to meet your regulatory obligations with ease.

SFTR Reporting

The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) is part of the EU implementation to enhance the transparency of the securities financing markets (FSB’s “Strengthening Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking”) and the financial system in general. The regulation requires financial and nonfinancial counterparties to report their Securities Financing Transactions (SFTs) to authorized SFTR Trade Repositories (TR) for direct and immediate data access to National Competent Authorities (NCA). Now is the time to find and put into process an efficient
operating model to manage the new requirements.

triResolve Cashflow

triResolve has extended the service to include cashflow affirmation to aid the derivatives settlement process. Participants submit their upcoming trade level cashflows across all counterparties, and by leveraging triResolve trade matching, they can achieve greater alignment and help to identify any differences which will cause settlement breaks.

We enable firms to manage settlement affirmation across all asset classes very efficiently, thus preparing them for the upcoming compressed payment processing timeframes which will be imposed by benchmark transition.

triResolve QuickPort

triResolve QuickPort is our safe and effective way for firms not currently subscribed to triResolve's portfolio reconciliation solution to deliver portfolio details to their counterparties. 


Calculate your inputs, manage your margin calls and resolve your disputes with TriOptima’s seamless initial margin service. With one simple trade file you can benefit from an end-to-end solution, with no complicated integration or installation required.

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