Multilateral portfolio compression for your OTC derivatives portfolio.



Portfolio compression is an effective tool that reduces notional outstandings and line items, minimises operational resources and risks, reduces regulatory capital costs and manages counterparty exposures.

Recognised as industry best practice, compression can be applied to a wide number of asset classes and products, contributing to reducing systemic risk in the financial markets.

triReduce is the market leader of portfolio compression. With over 260 clients globally, we continue to refine our service and introduce more products - making portfolio management simpler for the industry.


Introducing trireduce


Can be used in multiple asset classes for cleared and non-cleared relationships.


Our uniform compression process means your experience is the same regardless of the region or product.


A reliable process underpinned by a robust legal framework.


A flexible solution that keeps pace with regulatory changes and client demand.

How it works

Step One
Participants submit trades for matching and eligible trades are presented on the triReduce website.

Step Two
Participants agree parameters and tolerances.

Step Three 
We run our market leading compression algorithm.

Step Four
Gross notional and line items are successfully reduced.


trillion in gross notional compressed


currencies available for compression


subscribers across the globe


We enable participants to tear up their existing trades at their own mid mark-to-market valuations. As of July 2020, derivative market participants have eliminated more than $1,813 trillion in notional principal using triReduce cycles.

Our multilateral approach removes the difficult negotiation of bilateral terminations and significantly increases the number of torn up trades.

*Graph highlights terminated notional in USD trillion

Asset classes

triReduce Rates

Reducing your costs and capital in a competitive market.


triReduce Credit

Enhancing the efficiency of your credit portfolio.


triReduce FX

Eliminating costs and exposures in your FX portfolio.


triReduce Commodities

Managing credit risk and maximising value for OTC energy and commodity trades.

Why choose triReduce?

A trusted provider 

“TriOptima has a huge amount of experience in compression, as we have been in the business since 2003. Our strong infrastructure and robust legal framework are key to the success of the service.”

Peter Weibel 
CEO triReduce 

Award winning

triReduce is consistently recognised as an industry leading solution. Our most recent awards include:

Best New Technology Product
(Post Trade)

FOW Awards

Innovation in Derivatives Technology 

Best Post Trade Services Provider 
FX Week

At a glance

Global reach over 260 institutions worldwide participate in our cycles.

Broad coverage we offer compression for cleared and non-cleared interest rate swaps in 28 currencies, cross currency swaps, credit default swaps, FX forwards, and commodity swaps.

Trusted provider we are the recognised industry leader in post-trade risk management.

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